How to Sell Successfully on Digital Goods Marketplaces

On digital goods marketplaces like etc. one big mistake freelancers make is to think that only their talent is enough for successful sales  Many talented people say that the digital goods marketplace has so many awful items on sale and so I could do much better. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work like this. There are so many items on the marketplace that your foremost concern is getting noticed. Your talent alone isn’t going to help.

Following are some measures you should take to increase sales :

Research What Sells on Digital Goods Marketplaces

The key to any successful business is fulfilling the need of consumers. Submissions need to be commercially viable and provide a minimum level of usefulness for potential buyers. Simply put, you should know what people want and what sells. There are two easy ways to do this. The first way is to go to the digital goods marketplace of your choice and view the most popular products. Examine them and figure out why they are popular. Look at the actual product, the preview image, title, description and ratings / reviews followed by any support / service forum. The second way to figure out what’s in demand is to do some keyword research using the Google Keyword Tool to see what people are searching for via search engines. You will be able to type in keywords and see monthly search data for each keyword. Research on the popular products and see what you come up with.

Study the Item Submission Process

Digital goods marketplaces have to maintain high standards of products and so they will make the freelancer go through various item submission stages. The actual process may differ from site to site. These digital goods marketplaces will typically have author or seller guides that you should read thoroughly to understand the process. Don’t get angry or dejected if your submissions are rejected. It happens to everyone at one point or another. Learn from the rejection and change your approach until you understand the reviewers. Remember that people running the site have quality control in mind and their decision is final.

Create an Impression with First-rate Presentation

When buyers land on your product page, they will stay or go away depending on how your contents are presented. File preview images and demos are your first impression when it comes to selling digital goods. Your first impression like in any other situation needs to be good and should make the viewer want to buy. Your preview image should show users exactly what they are getting and should list features. The product summary should clearly show the value they are getting. The preview should be eye-catching so as to make them click to know more about your product.

Add Searchable Titles, Descriptions and Tags

Buyers who search products in the digital goods marketplace see results based on the keywords in file titles and description. So, your file titles and descriptions must have the required keywords or no one will find your files. If a buyer searches for “brochure design” and that term is nowhere in your title, description or tags, your item most likely will not show up for that search. Hence when you fill out these important fields, consider carefully what you and other people would type in to find your file. Use multiple keywords and keyword phrases to maximize traffic, but don’t overdo it. 5 to 8 keywords or keyword phrases are optimal. Your description should include product details and features along with a short pitch to explain why the product is useful. Where possible, add videos, demos or screenshots to make the buyer experience your product.

Write Usable Documentation

Helpful documentation not only helps your customers, but it saves you time in the long run. Instead of answering the same technical support questions again and again, make sure all frequently asked questions (FAQ) are answered in your help file. A well written help documentation reduces the number of support queries. This will free you to do other essential stuff like marketing and creating more quality products to sell.

Support is Vital

In order to maintain your ratings you need to work beyond offering excellent products. When a buyer has some questions regarding your product, you should answer them and remove their anxieties. Even more important – when a customer buys your product, and they hit a snag somewhere, they will ask you for help. Your prompt and courteous assistance will not only get you high ratings, but will also get you fans who will refer your products to others. Whether you are interacting with customers who have purchased your products or with potential buyers, you must appear enthusiastic in your support. If possible run a support forum on your website where you can answer their queries.

Promote Your Goods

One major advantage of digital stock marketplaces is that they already have large number of buyer members. Also the marketplaces do their bit of marketing to gain more exposure and attract more buyers. But if you want to maximize your income you should be promoting your files on your own as well. Post about your new files on your blog, email your friends, post to your social media etc. to build up your brand name. You can also promote them on Adobe Exchange, HotScripts, HTML / CSS Galleries etc. Contact other bloggers and request them to feature your product.

Remember that creating and selling successfully on digital goods marketplace is a long-term process that needs hard work, patience, and a positive attitude.