How to be a Fiverr Top Rated Seller

A Fiverr Top Rated Seller is selected manually by Fiverr moderators based on a list of criteria. These include seniority, volume of sales, high rating, exceptional customer care and community leadership. A Fiverr Top Rated Seller can gain access to more features, including exclusive access to beta features and VIP support.

Your success on Fiverr will depend on presentation skills, diligence, communication with clients, good support and marketing. If you study the current fiverr top rated sellers, you will notice some common points in all of them. However, to save your time and effort, I explain below on how to be a fiverr top rated seller.

Get a Great Start

On Fiverr, you can create multiple gigs or service listings. For example, if you are a designer, you can list one gig for logo design. (“I will design an eye-catching logo for your business for $5”). Another can be letterhead design (“I will design an elegant letterhead for your company for $5”). Yet another can be Facebook cover design (“I will create an outstanding Facebook cover for $5”). While it is advisable that you have multiple gigs running, don’t go overboard with it. It will be unmanageable and a drain on your time and efforts.

Setting Up Winning Gigs

What separates a Fiverr top rated seller gig from the not-so-good ones? Here goes:

  • Your Gig Title is the Hook. A Gig title can contain up to 80 characters. So, you have to craft the title that is short and clear about the service you are offering. I know that it is not easy to express the value of your Gig in those many words. The title should be interesting enough to make the visitor click and view more about your Gig. And, yeah, even if you are a post-graduate in English literature, please go easy on highfalutin words. Make it simple so that the vast majority can easily understand your offering.
  • Write a Comprehensive Gig Description. Here too, there is a 1200 character limit for you to provide potential buyers a convincing description of your Gig. HTML formatting (using the text editor) like font size, font weight (bold), text highlighting and bullets are allowed. Use them sparingly so as to convey emphasis where required. Be as clear as possible so buyers know exactly what to expect and why they should do business with you.
  • Get a Striking Gig Cover Photo. On Fiverr the cover photo is like your shopping window, which you should dress up. Besides a descriptive image, add some words related to your service on the image without violating any terms.
  • Create an Attractive Gig Gallery. In the gig gallery you are allowed to showcase images as well as video. As per statistics released by Fiverr, adding a video can increase your sales by over 200%! Get a video of your gig created by one of the Fiverr experts if you can’t create one yourself. Your video should reflect you as a professional and explain your service easily. If you don’t have a video, use all three image slots with descriptive pictures of what you offer. You can always order a custom made image from fellow sellers on Fiverr. Ensure that you or the seller possesses the copyright and the right to use them. Refrain from copying images from other sellers. At the very least you could be seen as unprofessional or at worst, you will land in legal trouble.

Upselling Extras

Take advantage of the feature called Gig Extras. These allow you to add extra service for an extra cost. Continuing the example of the logo gig, add a gig extra like “Get a favicon of your logo” for an extra $5. Or “Get your order delivered in 24hours” for $10. The higher levels you get promoted to, the more tools you gain to add extras and earn higher. You can change these Extras and their pricing at any time in case you see changes in the buyer response. Do not go overboard in listing tons of extras thereby confusing the buyer.

Request for Feedback / Rating

Some buyers, especially first timers will not leave a feedback or rating unless you ask them to. If they don’t know how to, explain the process. Or give a link to the process which is found in the Fiverr Help section.

Include a Money Back Guarantee

Many experts believe in offering a money back guarantee on their gigs if the buyer is not satisfied. First try to resolve the issue. Then if the buyer is still not satisfied, offer to cancel the job and refund the fee to avoid negative rating. A word of caution – do not cancel too many jobs since cancellation data is publicly visible which can keep away potential clients.

Be Professional & Courteous

As is the case in any business, everything is fine till you keep getting jobs and good reviews. But your patience will be stretched by some difficult buyers. If some buyers give a negative rating or don’t communicate properly, you should remain calm and maintain a professional attitude. You can of course take up the matter with Fiverr’s Resolution Center. They will help resolve any issues that may arise with a buyer. Remember that almost all marketplaces are loaded in favour of the buyer. So be respectful when communicating with them. Regular feedback, thank you notes and polite messages go a long way in garnering positive ratings.

Follow the Rules

You should read all the terms and conditions, privacy policy as also other rules on posting gigs and messages etc. The important ones are do not post offensive content, always communicate on Fiverr message board, do not exchange contact info and do not try for payment through channels other than Fiverr.