Hello, welcome to How2Freelance.com. I am Amod – an ex-Indian Army Lt Colonel and an alumnus of UCLA Anderson as well as NDA (National Defence Academy).

What is How2Freelance?

How2Freelance is a free resource intended to help everyone gain insights into freelancing opportunities and the skills required to live a rewarding life by freelancing.

In the beginning of this millennium I was intrigued by the power of Internet and how it dissolved geographical boundaries. That was when I stumbled upon newly launched freelancing market places like elance.com, guru.com and many more (this was in year 2000 / 2001). On a whim, I registered on them and thus began my freelancing journey. Over the years many such sites sprung, many closed down, but a few remained and got stronger by the day. Elance merged with Odesk and others to become Upwork. Guru merged with A2Zmoonlighter. Niche freelance market places came about, followed by micro-jobs portals like Fiverr.com. I have had quite a ride on most of these…

How2Freelance was born with a simple idea – that of educating the vast majority of youth (and not so young) on the joy and rewards of freelancing. Here I tell you not only about freelancing online, but also semi-online (e.g. cyber-security freelancers, home-automation freelancer etc).

I will not only inform you about the “nuts and bolts” of freelancing, but also point you to tools and resources so that you are well-equipped to embark on a rewarding career. Even if you are not considering this full-time, the information here will be useful in enhancing your productivity and provide an outlet for your passion.

How2Freelance continues to grow and expand on it’s library of always-free, easy-to-follow tutorials. If you’re just getting started in the freelancing / blogging / self-publishing arena be sure to check out our extensive library of tutorials.

Is freelancing right for you?

Deciding whether or not to freelance is a decision based on your life goals. Do you want something more than a 9-to-5 job? Or are you looking for a way to earn a living? These and many other reasons will need to be answered. I have written a post that explains what you should ask before you begin freelancing. Although freelancing has many benefits, it also requires a dedication and a commitment as with other ways of earning.

Go ahead and browse the various sections of this site. Your comments and questions are always welcome.

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